Down 5lbs in 5 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Last year was a tough one balancing life, work and my mom being in the hospital for 6 months. My exercise and nutrition took a hit and I could see it on the scale and body composition. But you can find a way to work within your circumstance and when you put the effort in you will get results. This was a 5 lbs in 5 days weight loss challenge I gave myself cutting down some carbs and squeezing in a couple gym sessions to achieve my target weight.
Do your own challenge; add some activity, cut some carbs and reach your goal.

5lbs in 5 days

DAY 1:IMG_20161110_174345  

Down: 2.4lbs
Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich, coffee and 2 Thermofit to burn 3x the calories and reduce appetite.
Lunch: small blueberry muffin and 1/2 cream of broccoli soup.
Snack: Large glass of Greens for an energy boost and 8 servings of fruits and veggies in one glass. 2 crackers with cheese.
Dinner: Lemon Chicken with caesar salad




DAY 2:

Down: 0.8lbs
Workout:  40 min lower body and cardio
Breakfast: Homemade banana oat muffin and large glass of Greens with Thermofit.
Lunch: Lemon chicken
Snack: Glass of Greens to fight that 3pm false hunger
Dinner: Taco salad
Snack: 3 small clementines


DAY 3:

Down: 1.2lbs
Workout: 1hr upper body and abs
Breakfast: Madegood bar, Greens for energy, thermofit.
Lunch: 2 egg salad on whole wheat english muffin.
Dinner: Chicken meatballs with baby spinach salad and peppers.
Evening: low-calorie cocktail (2oz gin, 3oz tonic, 3oz club soda, squeeze of lime)




DAY 4:

Down: 0
Breakfast: egg wrap
Lunch: on the weekends I tend to have a later breakfast and skip lunch.
Dinner: Taco Salad
Snack: 3 clementines and smartfood





DAY 5:
Down: 0.2lbs
Breakfast: isoflex chocolate protein shake and madegood bar
Lunch: Fish nuggets and broccoli soup
Snack: Glass of Greens
Dinner: Mongolian beef

TOTAL: down 5lbs for the week

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