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Hamburger Chop Suey

This Hamburger Chop Suey is from my Grandma’s cook book with a couple small tweaks. I’ve added water chestnuts to this dish, but you can tweak the veggies how you’d like. This is easy low-carb comfort food that transports me back to my Grandma’s kitchen. Ingredients: 1lb ground beef 1 cup chopped celery 1 chopped …

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shrimp sausage kabobs

Summer Shrimp & Sausage Undone Kabobs

With spring weather finally coming back I wanted to do a light fresh kabob style dish without bbq sauce. These nice fresh flavours with a bit of a kick that lets the natural flavours of the sausage and shrimp come through. Ingredients: 1 package of peeled raw shrimp 4 hot Italian sausage 2 bell peppers …

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chicken bowl, keto, low carb

Chipotle Inspired Chicken Bowl

I had my first Chipotle experience a few months ago and had their delicious chicken bowl. I got home and decided I needed to recreate this and came up with a mexican bbq fusion chicken bowl and it is hands down my favourite dinner right now. This can easily be tweaked with your own seasoning …

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Hungry for Change & Super Juice Me take aways

Most of this isn’t new to me but sharing these tidbits from ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix and Super Juice Me. I definitely suggest checking out these documentaries if you haven’t already. I remember the first one I watched, Super Size Me, I didn’t eat fast food for 6 months. Another is Fat, Sick and …

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Down 5lbs in 5 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Last year was a tough one balancing life, work and my mom being in the hospital for 6 months. My exercise and nutrition took a hit and I could see it on the scale and body composition. But you can find a way to work within your circumstance and when you put the effort in …

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southwest chicken, chicken thighs

Southwest Chicken (canyon creek inspired)

I love going out for dinner, mostly because I get tired of cooking it by the time the weekend rolls around. We went to Canyon Creek and instead of the usual steak choice I decided to try their Southwest Chicken and boy am I glad I did. It was absolutely delicious and luckily easy to …

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Easy Healthy Spin on Your Favourite Recipes

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with new recipes. As I’ve gone through my health journey I’ve started to cook more and tweak traditional recipes for a healthier spin with a focus on less carbs and being able to cook everything in one pan for less mess when possible. When you start to make the …

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taco seasoning

Tasty Homemade Taco Seasoning

I love taco salad as an easy low-carb, one-pan dinner during the week. As delicious as it is after reading the ingredients on the taco seasoning and seeing all the added salt (even in the low-sodium package) and chemicals, I decided to try a homemade version to cut out the crap. After playing with a …

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sheppards pie, low carb, one pan dinner

Undone Sheppard’s Pie (Low-Carb keto)

This Sheppard’s Pie is a fast, tasty, easy week night dinner. With the cooler weather I instantly start craving fall comfort food, but don’t want all the carbohydrates that usually come with them. So I end up putting my own spin on them by lowering the carbs and making it easy with just one pan and …

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weight loss, losing weight

Losing weight…where to start?

Weight Loss I want to lose weight but I don’t know where to start… I hear this a lot. I talk to many people about their health goals as a natural extension of chatting about our amazing wraps. The first thing that most people mention is losing weight followed by similar questions and challenges. We get bombarded …

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