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Strengthen Your Muscles With This Workout Routine

Intermediate/Advanced Workout: When I started at the gym I was unfocused and misdirected without a good workout routine. I would wander aimlessly around the gym doing a couple sets of this and that. Luckily I had a trainer take me under their wing (probably because my so-called ‘work out’ bothered him more than anything). He taught me …

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Is it Cheating to Use Natural Weight Loss Products to Maximize Your Weightloss?

Is it cheating to take something natural to help you lose weight? Now I’m not talking about steroids, HGH, etc. but natural plant-based weight loss products. The answer is a big fat no! Because no product is a replacement for proper diet and exercise. Is it cheating to take the highway instead of city streets to get …

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Do women bulk up from weight lifting?

If I weight train as a woman will I look like a man and bulk up? This used to be feared by women and keep them out of the free weights section at the gym only focusing on cardio and lifting 2lb weights. It has also gone the opposite way and women started to work out …

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Getting Started At The Gym

Need help getting started at the gym? The weight training world is full of misinformation and people who pretend to have the secret quick or fast superior method to working out. It becomes more confusing when the industry focuses on “male or female works” etc and getting started at the gym becomes overwhelming. The reality …

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