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Delicious Local Organic Finds in the GTA

I’ve been working trade shows since the fall and absolutely love the exposure you get to new products that are more natural, organic and eco-friendly than the popular products on the shelves at your local retailer and a lot of the time you’re supporting a local business which is great. Some of them are easy …

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Shopping Cruelty-Free Made Easy

Finding cruelty-free products is something I am passionate about. I am a an animal lover and own an adorable, sweet, loving beagle. Beagles are the breed of choice for testing labs because they are gentle and forgiving, which breaks my heart. So when I learned of this horrible fact and how common animal testing still …

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing a Multivitamin

Multivitamins, are they good bad or indifferent? There is a lot of information out there about multivitamins and vitamins in general. There is no doubt that vitamins and minerals are essential to good health. My personal belief is that there is a long term benefit of overall health, quality of life and longevity from putting …

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