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chicken bowl, keto, low carb

Chipotle Inspired Chicken Bowl

I had my first Chipotle experience a few months ago and had their delicious chicken bowl. I got home and decided I needed to recreate this and came up with a mexican bbq fusion chicken bowl and it is hands down my favourite dinner right now. This can easily be tweaked with your own seasoning …

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southwest chicken, chicken thighs

Southwest Chicken (canyon creek inspired)

I love going out for dinner, mostly because I get tired of cooking it by the time the weekend rolls around. We went to Canyon Creek and instead of the usual steak choice I decided to try their Southwest Chicken and boy am I glad I did. It was absolutely delicious and luckily easy to …

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lettuce wraps

The Tastiest Thai Lettuce Wraps

I recently had family visit from the states and one of my aunts commented on how tasty my dinners were (she was expecting healthier low-carb dinners to be bland) and these delicious thai lettuce wraps were one of my families favorites so I decided to share the recipe with you. I started with the inspiration …

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chicken burger, turkey burger

All-In Chicken Burgers!

I like to mix things up and try different recipes as I get bored eating the same thing all the time. So with some ground chicken and turkey in the freezer and previously buying chicken burgers I decided to make them myself. After looking through many chicken burger recipes and not finding one that fit …

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stuffed peppers

Undone Rainbow Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are delicious and one of the first things I ever cooked on my own. I got together with a girlfriend on the Danforth and we hosted a lovely summer evening bbq that I’ve always remembered fondly. We went strolling down the Danforth, had lunch, stopped at a wonderful little butcher shop I was never …

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Tasty Chicken Meatballs

I came across a chicken meatball recipe about a year ago and have been tweaking it to decrease the carbs and maintain the deliciousness and this is what I’ve settled on. I make 2 bite size chicken meatballs to have as the main course for dinner or mini ones as appetizers for parties. These can be …

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undone taco salad

Tasty Taco Salad / Undone Tacos (Low-Carb Dinner)

Undone Taco’s or Taco Salad are a favorite at my house! This recipe came from my lovely Aunt and is always a hit at picnics and potlucks (just double the recipe). There’s lots of protein, some veggies and minimal carbs. Of course you could also do this with ground chicken or turkey and bump up …

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