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shrimp sausage kabobs

Summer Shrimp & Sausage Undone Kabobs

With spring weather finally coming back I wanted to do a light fresh kabob style dish without bbq sauce. These nice fresh flavours with a bit of a kick that lets the natural flavours of the sausage and shrimp come through. Ingredients: 1 package of peeled raw shrimp 4 hot Italian sausage 2 bell peppers …

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Hungry for Change & Super Juice Me take aways

Most of this isn’t new to me but sharing these tidbits from ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix and Super Juice Me. I definitely suggest checking out these documentaries if you haven’t already. I remember the first one I watched, Super Size Me, I didn’t eat fast food for 6 months. Another is Fat, Sick and …

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