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Shopping Cruelty-Free Made Easy

Test_Co_BFP_BrownFinding cruelty-free products is something I am passionate about. I am a an animal lover and own an adorable, sweet, loving beagle. Beagles are the breed of choice for testing labs because they are gentle and forgiving, which breaks my heart. So when I learned of this horrible fact and how common animal testing still is I decided this was very important to me to be aware of what companies I’m supporting when I’m shopping.

 Scan Products While You Shop

It was a non-profit called Beagle Freedom Project that opened my eyes to the reality of animal testing. They are an amazing group that is working to release animals from testing facilities and give them a chance a real-life in a forever home. It exposes their plight and recovery to educate the public about choosing cruelty-free products. They have an awesome app which is now free called Cruelty-Cutter that you can download on your phone and actually scan products while you are out shopping to find out if they test on animals. Not only are you educating yourself on the products you are buying but you can share it with your friends and ‘bite-back’ by sharing what you learned about the company. This is a great place to start and is so easy to do while you are out shopping. There is also Cruelty Free International which has a database you can search companies on. You can dig a little deeper than surface, for instance I bought a couple of things from The Body Shop because of their claim to not test on animals, however they are owned by L’Oreal who does test on animals so I’ve switched brands.

Some of My Favorite Cruelty-Free Options


My new favorite is definitely Lush! Not only do they have very neat delicious smelling products but they are all about fresh handmade products, fighting animal testing, ethical buying, environmentally friendly, being natural, environmentally friendly and charitable giving.
It Works! has great plant-based health and wellness products and don’t test on animals.


Here are some of my everyday items I’ve switched to cruelty free and love (I’ll be constantly updating this list as I discover more great products). Walmart now has many options that are cruelty free for body wash, shampoo, lotion, etc. but the trick is you have to look in the cosmetics section. Another great place to look is Winners.

Body Wash- I love nspa body wash, it smells absolutely amazing and you can find at Walmart. npsa is against animal testing, none of their products or raw materials have been tested on animals. I also use Live Clean body wash which is eco-friendly at 98% plant ingredients as well as Bodycology.

Body Oil- It Works is cruelty-free and has a Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Cream- Live Clean daily moisturizer I like but it wasn’t hydrating my skin enough so I recently switched to Kalaya Naturals which is super hydrating.
Cleanser- It Works! Cleanser has a great citrus smell with their beautifying botanicals and soap-free it’s great for my sensitive skin. I use their Toner and amazingly hydrating Facials as well.
Exfoliator- Pierre’s Apothecary daily scrub and It Works Exfoliating Peel (see skin care line here)

Shampoo/Conditioner- Argan Magic, Live Clean
Dry Hair Oil- Argan Magic

Cleaner- Norwex that has environmentally friendly products for all areas of your home with an amazing antibacterial cloth and they don’t test on animals
Dish Soap- Sunlight
Laundry Detergent- Sunlight & Scentsy

Animal Testing Stats

  • 106,000 people die yearly from products tested on animals
  • Less than 2% of human illnesses are ever seen in animals
  • Product and drug testing account for 68% of tests on beagles

How else can you help?

Give back just by walking! ResQwalk is a great app that tracks your walk/run and has corporate sponsors that donate to the ResQpartner of your choice (Beagle Freedom Project!). You can do the same thing with Walk for a Dog for animal organizations (California, ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project).

Start your own fundraiser! I started my beagle love fundraiser in lieu of presents for my 30th birthday.

Shop with GoodShop, AmazonSmile, Ralphs to donate while shopping online!

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  1. AC Whitelaw says:
    I’m also always on the lookout for cruelty-free products and recently heard about Kalaya Naturals from my mother, so I decided to look a little more carefully before making a purchase. While I haven’t looked at every single ingredient label in their entire line, I did look at their body creams and lotions. They all contain emu oil, which is harvested from the emu bird after it’s been killed for the specific purpose of beauty consumerism. I know! I was horrified also. If I can suggest two things great for moisturizing (I’m a 49-yr old woman): straight up coconut oil (I even use this to cleanse my face) and a product line called Andalou Naturals (from my local health food store). Andalou has a multitude of products and sells really nice sized trial kits for about $25 CDN. Check them out!