Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix

I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead ‪on ‎Netflix‬ and it was such a reinforcement of what you already know you should be doing and a big eye opener to what the typical american diet and processed food is doing to our bodies. It is also an introduction and education on juicing if you are not familiar with the amazing benefits and the healing power of your own body if you just give it what it needs. These were the main points I wanted to remember from the movie and since watching this I’ve made even more efforts to cut out processed food and increase the fruits and veggies.

The Jaw Dropping Stats

-Average American diet is 60% processed and refined foods, 30% animal products, 5% potatoes/whole grains and just 5% veggies/fruit.
Veggies/fruit nourish our cells and clean and remove waste while resisting disease.
-Vegetable based diets resulted in the most weight loss and it wasn’t gained back
-Processed foods have only 1/10 of the original nutrition if what it was made from. Wheat, sugar and flour are the biggest sources of processed food.
-Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are from fruits and veggies.
-A typical dinner plate is 1/2 meat, 1/4 over cooked veg or potato and 1/4 white refined carbohydrate. I think this is even being nice and that our diet is much higher in carbohydrates and processed food than even this breakdown. For the basics of nutrition read this.

The Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Then we met Joe. Joe is 300lbs+ and on numerous prescriptions. He decided to do a 61 day juice fast, lost 80 lbs+ and thinks clearer at 40 years old than he did before. Six months after his juice fast he’s 90 lbs down and maintaining healthy life style.

We also get introduced to Phil. He’s 429 lbs with achy joints, swollen ankles, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc. Phil started with a medically supervised 10 day juice fast, light exercise and walking at just 10 minutes a day and lost 30lbs in 10 days! So he decided to go 30 days, lost 60lbs, his heart was working better, his blood pressure went from high to normal and his cholesterol was almost down to a normal range. Another 30 days, 60 total, and 90lbs Phil was able to get off of all his medications and lost 202lbs in 10 months!


According to the documentary the conventional cost of a juice fast is $14/day or for organic $28.50 (at the time of filming anyways). I know many people who regularly will do a juice cleanse or fast to lose weight or just to feel better and after watching this documentary I don’t think you can deny the benefits. Another alternative that I’ve come across is making soups instead of juicing to get the whole nutrients including protein (and some texture!) although I’m not sure you can ram in as many fruits and veggies and therefore the abundance of nutrients from juicing so maybe a juice/soup combo is the way to go, because I know I couldn’t live off juice. Juicing helps you lose weight, increase energy, get rid of cravings for processed food, reduce the risk of heart problems, disease, diabetes and gets you off of medications. These are crazy results not just for weight but for your health!

So What Now?

Don’t just watch this documentary and carry on the same as you were before (and if you haven’t watched it you need to)! Be mindful of what you are bringing into your house and feeding yourself and your family. I don’t go down any junk, snack or frozen food aisle at all anymore, out of  sight out of mind so they say. Take simple steps to phase out bad food and make healthier choices. A few times a week make those healthy changes and eventually it will become a full-time lifestyle. Carbohydrates and sugars can be tough, they are delicious and your body craves them if you go cold turkey, check out my post about how I was able to phase out carbs, I still eat carbs just not to the same extent and choose better carbs. And if you are ready to jump in, do a juice cleanse! I also recommend watching Hungry for Change on Netflix and Super Juice Me.

What has been your experience with juicing??