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Getting Started At The Gym

Need help getting started at the gym? The weight training world is full of misinformation and people who pretend to have the secret quick or fast superior method to working out. It becomes more confusing when the industry focuses on “male or female works” etc and getting started at the gym becomes overwhelming. The reality is that in order to change the way you look, male or female, you need to challenge the body physically on a regular basis (several times weekly) to make the body change in response to these new challenges.  Incorporating small “lifestyle” changes are the only way to achieve results.  There is no magic pill other than the metaphoric pill everyone must swallow to come to this realization.  “Lifestyle” means adopting a new personal mantra of putting yourself first in order to be able to serve and help others later. It also means a holistic approach is necessary. Being active and living and eating well combine to produce the change so many people desire. Anyone of those without the other make change difficult and progress hard to achieve. To get at least one part of the equation on track and help you get started at the gym here are some sample Gym Routines to give you a plan and give you focus and structure to your workouts. We also have some insight in the basics of nutrition or out to cut down on carbs/sugar. Follow these simple routines which have stood the test of time to help you in getting started at the gym with lifting weights which will help you transform your body.
gym, exercise, workout, getting started at the gym

Getting started at the gym!

Beginner Workout

An important thing to remember when getting started at the gym for the first time whether you are a guy or a girl is to keep the ego in check and start off with the basic foundations of building or shaping and start off slowly. You can’t build a building without a foundation. It’s just the way it is.  If we were to break the body down into three major areas they are as follows: Legs, Chest and Back (don’t worry arms come in later). These areas house some of the largest muscles in the body in which smaller muscles compound to help create motion and allow one to lift. So the foundation is always built on compound exercises which deal with these three areas of the body. Compound meaning that many muscles are used in these exercises which also means that they hit many different muscles all at the same time without having to get too specific.

As a beginner getting started at the gym you want to do 3 sets with 20 reps per set. After the first week or two bump the weight a bit in week 3 and 4 and do 10-15 as long as your muscles are tired at the end (you should feel it the next day!). Control the motion in both directions, don’t let the weight pull you around. You wont be doing this for too long, just a month, it’s to get started and comfortable at the gym so take a look…

Day one:

Legs- Squats or Barbell squats (Week one you can start with high reps body weight squats and then week two add a dumbbell or barbell and increase the weight)

Chest- Dumbbell Press

Back- Seated rows

Day two:

Legs- Walking Lunges

Chest- Flies

Back- Pulldowns (wide and narrow grip)

Day three:

Legs- Leg Press

Chest- Push Ups (yes girl push ups are okay to start, try and work your way up to regular push ups)

Back- Single Arm Bent Over Rows

Now lets get into training and strengthening each muscle with a more advanced workout!