Easy Healthy Spin on Your Favourite Recipes

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with new recipes. As I’ve gone through my health journey I’ve started to cook more and tweak traditional recipes for a healthier spin with a focus on less carbs and being able to cook everything in one pan for less mess when possible. When you start to make the things you used to buy you have control over the ingredients, salt, chemicals, carbs, etc. that are in it and once you’ve made a recipe a couple of times you can usually pump it out pretty efficiently. Years ago I started a “Quick & Dirty” recipe book for fast yummy recipes with simple ingredients that I came up with but never ended up sharing it.

Since I started Nature Lean Health I’ve gotten many questions about diet, nutrition and meal ideas. So, I decided to start sharing my recipes because some people think that eating healthy means that the food tastes bad, which is so not the case!! I also like using simple ingredients that you’ll usually have on hand or can find easily. To make it even easier to find, save and share my recipes I’ve become a publisher on one of my favourite recipe sites, Yummly!

You can check out all my recipes here. Please share and comment on any recipes you’re interested in 🙂