Hungry for Change & Super Juice Me take aways

Most of this isn’t new to me but sharing these tidbits from ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix and Super Juice Me. I definitely suggest checking out these documentaries if you haven’t already. I remember the first one I watched, Super Size Me, I didn’t eat fast food for 6 months. Another is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, there’s no shortage of documentaries that are eye opening and informative.

-Fake sweetener makes you crave sugars
-‘Low fat’ is the worst option as its loaded with sugar. Your body needs good fats.
-MSG makes you fat and is in 80% of our food🍔🍰🍝🍟
-We are eating food like things. We are over fed and under nourished
-White sugar, fructose, white flour are pharmaceutical versions of food. Giving you empty calories that keep you hungry and make you crave more and cause health problems 😨
-Aspartame and caffine mixed (diet) kill brain cells 😵
-Avg american is eating 22 teaspoons of sugar a day🍞🍩🍦🍪
Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar makes you fat!
-Sugar is causing premature death just like alcohol and drugs 💉💊
-Diets have failure built right into them (duh) if you force your body to lose weight your body will force itself to gain it.
-Add in the good foods and it will crowd out the bad 🍅🍏🍌🍎
-We have created 75000 chemicals, they attach to fat. So even if you burn fat you still have the toxins. 🏥
-Detox with green veggies (Greens are awesome), chia seed, aloe, seaweed (in our wraps), cilantro, parsley, water.
-200 chemicals found in newborns umbilical cord
-Veggies! Most people are not getting enough. Juicing is a fast way to get a high amount of fresh veggies.
-Get rid of man made foods. Food companies want to keep you hungry and keep you coming back.
-Decrease fried/bbq foods and increase superfoods
-Your skin is a simbol of health, it’s the last place to get vitamins. Olive oil, cucumber, coconut, radish, hemp seeds, aloe vera for beauty 😍 + minerals like silica iron maganese sulfer.
-Skin cream and beauty products loaded with chemicals. Get beauty from nutrients from the inside out not chemicals you are going to absorb from the outside in.
-Obesity is a solution not the problem, where are you unhappy? (Interesting thought) stress, dehydration, sleep deprivation are all causes.
-Cortisol epinephrine stress hormones, if high enough levels just looking at donut can change your metabolism. 🍩
-Sleep, Exercise and Laughter! They will metabolise stress hormones. 😪💪😃
-Visualization of what you want to look like, your subconscious will understand
-Love yourself! Take care of yourself you are precious! “I accept myself unconditionally right now” your objections will come up, keep doing it for 30 days. 💓
-What you visualize will be what you experience.
-Where does food come from? What went into it? What am i doing with it (health vs entertainment)? 🌽🍉🍐🍍🍄