Delicious Local Organic Finds in the GTA

I’ve been working trade shows since the fall and absolutely love the exposure you get to new products that are more natural, organic and eco-friendly than the popular products on the shelves at your local retailer and a lot of the time you’re supporting a local business which is great. Some of them are easy to find and others you’ll need to look up but I promise it’s worth it! I’ve listed my favourite organic finds for everything from tea to granola bars plus two bonus items that aren’t organic but delicious all the same.

styrian gold

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil

Where you can get it: Online, many GTA and beyond retailers
Based out of: Alliston, ON

Why it’s so good: It will change your life! Sounds dramatic but it blew my mind how delicious this stuff is. My friend described it best “it’s like eating a baguette without the baguette”. This oil is for enjoying not cooking, it has a warm, toasty, buttery smooth flavour that melts in your mouth. It’s great on a salad or avocado dish or just on a spoon (I’m seriously addicted) with lots of great health benefits.



Made Good Barsorganic, granola bar, snack bar, healthy eating

Where you can get it: Online internationally and all over the place locally
Based out of: Toronto (Vaughan)

Why it’s so good: Really delicious organic, gluten-free, non-gmo, nut-free, vegan granola bars and they have 1 serving of veggies in each with a variety of flavours (my favourite is mixed berry) and yummy little granola balls too. One of these bars and my Greens gets me going in the morning.


Where you can get it: Online in Canada and with retailers across the GTA
Based out of: Toronto, ON

Why it’s so good: I discovered these delicious energy balls at a Ryerson Alumni event and instantly fell in love stealing a whole cup full to take home with me. They are vegan, gluten free, paleo with organic ingredients. Not only are they delicious, health and local but their big on customer service. They come in four flavours and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite.


Where you can get it: Online in Canada & US with retailers across GTA and Canada
Based out of: Toronto, ON

Why it’s so good: A local company making raw, organic, gluten-free delicious snacks. I’m a snacker and finding truly healthy ones isn’t easy, but these things are delicous with a variety of flavours both sweet and savoury, my favourite is the Spirulina Banana Crisps. Julie, the founder, is a gem and definitely kept us snacking at the Yoga Show.

Steep & Jarsteep jar

Where you can get it: Online and at local shows
Based out of: Toronto and on Manitoulin Island, ON

Why it’s so good: Amazingly aromatic, organic, ethically grown loose leaf tea with  local artist designed labels and 15% going to Canadian orphanage in BC, what’s not to like!? Not only are the flavours heavenly but Bridget’s passion, energy and supporting the community make her tea’s even better!


Chai Walachai wala

Where you can get it: Online and many local coffee shops around the GTA
Based out of: hand crafted out of Toronto

Why it’s so good: I tried a Chai Latte at the homeshow for the first time and was blown away by the flavour. So I was quiet disappointed when I bought Chai Tea from Wal-mart and it fell very short. Chai Wala’s Chai smells and tastes absolutely delicious and if definitely my new addiction. It’s 100% natural, fresh wet tea, no more dried tea bags for me!

Happy Bees Honey

Where you can get it: Online locally and local farmers markets, home shows
Based out of: Welland, ON

Why it’s so good: They have flavour infused honey that will blow your mind! I’m not a big sweet person, but OMG you put cinnamon in pure, unpasteurized raw honey, grow it locally in Ontario and are trying to save the bee’s and I’m in! I’m sure if you’re outside Ontario that you can find something similar. I’m going to experiment baking with this honey instead of sugar.

Bridgette’s Giddy Yoyo

Where you can get it: Online locally and internationally, local shows and retailers
Based out of: Orangeville, ONgiddy yoyo

Why it’s so good: Locally hand made, organic, fair trade, gluten free, vegan, made with love you will not believe how yummy and pure their chocolate and other delicious super-foods are. Even though I normally can’t eat much chocolate because I break out from it, they assured me it was the toxins and not the chocolate causing my break outs. So, I tried their Sweet Vanilla and they were right, and it was delicious, and now I can eat chocolate (that’s probably a bad thing!). I also tried their Banana Spears which were super yummy. Bridgette and her whole team are super friendly, always having fun and a little crazy.


Where you can get it: Local GTA grocery stores
Based out of: Toronto, ON (Markham)

Why it’s so good: I’m not going to lie, they are just delicious, a bit different than your usual bun these have a bit of a sweetness like they make them in Taiwan. I try and stay away from delicious pastries but whats nice about these is that they are made with simple ingredients, you can buy them in singles and there’s no preservatives. I tried way more flavours than I’ll admit to but the Cheese Garlic Bun was my fav! It’s a family owned, 3rd generation local business.

Carmichaels Meatscarmichaels

Where you can get it: Online and tradeshows
Based out of: West Lorne, ON

Why it’s so good: It’s just so much tastier than what you typically find because of the high quality lean meats and they are slowly replacing nitrates with sea salt which I like. They have a wide range from your typical salami to exotic meats. My favourite was the Amish Style Summer Sausage and Turkey Cranberry Salami.