10947201_10206128823877576_449578616408516980_nJillian & Kevin

So who are we? Well, we are a couple trying to be the healthiest happiest versions of ourselves we can. We're not perfect, we indulge, have bad days or life just takes over but we get back on track and keep going making little improvements where we can. Kevin was on this health journey long before I was. He is an ex-personal trainer and model who has worked out since he was a teenager and has always been in excellent shape and eaten healthy (although you wouldn't catch me eating his boring bachelor dinners!). I, on the other hand, started my journey a little bit later when I was in my mid-twenties and it has been continuously evolving ever since. It started when I got tired of aimlessly wondering around the gym where I would work out but wasn't in shape. So, I began weight training and cutting down on heavy carbs. Then I met Kevin who inspired me to take it to the next level (as he assured me I wasn't going to look like a man just because I lifted more than 5lbs) and increase my weights and eat healthier in general. Let's be honest I took on the cooking because someone had to feed this man food his taste buds would be thankful for and I enjoy trying new recipes and creating low-carb options. Once I had those two areas down I decided to make a commitment to being healthier from the inside out and learn more about the benefits of vitamins and the effect food has on your health as a start to a new year came about. It just so happened that just a couple weeks later I was introduced to some amazing plant-based products that have totally helped me reach that goal. Everything I've learned along the way also got me thinking about house hold items and being more environmentally friendly which is an ongoing transition in our house as well. 


Buddy is the cutest cuddliest dog you've ever met! This sweet boy is the reason for my determination to find cruelty-free products that don't cost an arm and a leg. While looking at beagle related pages I came across the Beagle Freedom Project who opened my eyes to the unnecessary cruelty that is still happening to these poor sweet animals right under our nose. Of course it tore at my heart even more that over 90% of animals tested on are beagles because of their sweet forgiving nature. At first, finding cruelty-free anything seems like a daunting task because most major household brands still test on animals and I think they get away with it because we don't realize it's still happening. Thankfully BFP has this handy app you can download to your smartphone, Cruelty-Cutter, which makes it easier to find things on the go. At first it takes a bit of searching through the brands, but once you find a couple it's smooth sailing. For instance, Wal-mart's store brand tests on animals, where Targets does not test. Simply skipping the regular shampoo/conditioner/body wash isles and looking in the Wal-mart makeup section will open you up to not only cruelty-free companies but also more natural environmentally friendly ingredients. A lot of direct marketing companies don't test, like It Works, Arbonne and Scentsy (Avon does test fyi) so you get to support a small business owner (who is probably your friend) and shop cruelty-free at the same time.  


So that's us, for now anyways 🙂  

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