undone taco salad

Tasty Taco Salad / Undone Tacos (Low-Carb Dinner)

Undone Taco’s or Taco Salad are a favorite at my house! This recipe came from my lovely Aunt and is always a hit at picnics and potlucks (just double the recipe). There’s lots of protein, some veggies and minimal carbs. Of course you could also do this with ground chicken or turkey and bump up the veggies by adding bell peppers fajita style. I’ve been using low sodium taco seasoning but find that packaged seasonings don’t always sit well with everyone so I will be trying a homemade taco seasoning soon and will let you know how that goes. *Update I ‘ve come up with a tasty homemade taco seasoning that only takes 7 minutes!


Undone Taco Salad:

1 lb ground beef (or chicken)
1 small onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
2 cups lettuce or baby spinach chopped
1 pkg low sodium taco seasoning (even better make this tasty taco seasoning at home without all the added salt, preservatives and chemicals)

Optional Individual Toppings:
(keep these minimal to keep the calories down)
5 crushed tortilla chips (skip it for keto)
1-2 tbsp low-fat sour cream or even healthier option greek yogurt
1-2 tbsp salsa
Shredded cheese

Brown ground beef and drain, add seasoning according to package (or mix seasoning according to recipe). Chop all veggies and mix everything together in a large bowl. Serve sprinkled with a small handful of whole wheat / low sodium tortillas for the crunch and a spoon of low-fat sour cream and/or salsa.

Why are there not low sodium whole wheat Tostitos? It’s one or the other. My aunt originally used Doritos in her recipe.

undone taco salad